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  • Fear Of FlyingAirplane Travel need not be terrifying with EFT
  • Fear Of Air Travel
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  • Air Plane Phobia

A Fear Of Flying?

Air plane phobia or a fear of flying a very common thing and you CAN overcome this with the wonderful New EFT emotional freedom techniques.

We are happy to show you for free how you can

  • treat yourself for Fear of Flying, air travel related panic attacks and anxiety
  • any time you need to - at take off, whilst you're waiting, and throughout the flight
  • treat yourself discreetly - no-one will be any the wiser!
  • with excellent results - thousands of delighted air travellers agree!



What Do I Have To Do To Overcome My Fear Of Flying?

You are going to apply a very simple technique whereby you are going to stimulate the flow of energy through a number of your body's main meridians by tapping on them lightly - a kind of instant acupuncture.

Whilst you do this, you tune into what it is you are afraid of when travelling by air. You do this by thinking about it, or by saying out loud what it is that is bothering you as you go through the sequence.


How Does It Work?

The process is related to acupuncture and uses the same bio-electric "Power Lines" or meridians that run through our bodies. Anxiety, fear, panic and other negative emotions disrupt the smooth flowing of the energy through our systems and cause us to "feel bad" - stomach churning, adrenalin pumping, heart beating rapidly, and all the other symptoms you might experience as the fear takes hold.

When we tap on the major meridian points, we send small shock waves through the energy system that stimulate smooth flow and clear away blockages. As the meridians balance out and flow freely, so will you experience a sense of release and relaxation.

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Will It Work For Me?

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques are successful right away with about 85% of the population. This means that 85% of the general population will feel a distinct relief in their symptoms after applying the technique to a given negative emotion, such as fear. The remaining 15% might have more complex psychological reasons for the problem, and can often be helped by an experienced practitioner of meridian therapies.


So How Do I Cure My Fear Of Flying?

Overleaf you will find a full set of instructions & diagram for the EFT sequence and how to use this in the context of your fear of flying.

Click below on the link for the "Fear Of Flying Self Help Free EFT Treatment Protocol", good luck & freedom for the future!

Fear Of Flying Self Help EFT Protocol

Fear Of Flying Self Help EFT Protocol

Here is your free EFT self help protocol to help you overcome a fear of flying, anxiety and air travel, stress when flying on a plane or thinking about air travel or being on an airplane.

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Examples Of Overcoming Fear Of Flying With EFT

Cases and examples of people who have successfully overcome their fear of flying using EFT emotional freedom techniques.

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Energy Tapping for Aerophobia on BBC - Conquer Your Fear of Flying

Energy Tapping for Aerophobia on BBC - Conquer Your Fear of Flying

In June 2016, the BBC's TV show "City in the Sky" featured Energy Tapping for conquering a persons fear of flying, also known as Aerophobia. Watch the full 9 minute clip here or to find a trained practitioner near you, see: Interactive Practitioner Map

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